Wilmington Brew Works is the only production brewery in Delaware’s largest city. Housed in a 100-year old former laboratory in the old 9th Ward, we are keeping the spirit of the building’s origins alive with new and innovative Ales, Lagers, Sours and Ciders. Our family-friendly taproom has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating for you to enjoy a drink with friends – old and new.

We brew a wide range of styles, one to fit every taste bud imaginable. Our NE IPAs, fermented with a cultivated wild yeast strain, have become a signature style for us, while our fruited kettle sours are changing people’s perceptions of what a beer can be. In addition, Wilmington Brew Works operates an alternating premise license allowing us to operate as a Cidery and produce a line of hard cider.


Ownership Team

Craig Wensell
Craig Wensell

CEO, CFO & Master Brewer

Craig Wensell, Sanitizer in Chief, Brewing Operations Manager, CEO, CFO, and Janitor. Craig has degrees from Oklahoma State University and The Florida State University. Early in his career, he taught orchestra K-12 before moving on to teaching at different universities to include The Florida State University. Craig is an amateur Double Bassist and has played across the country with many different groups such as The Columbus Symphony, Tulsa Philharmonic, and The Delaware Symphony Orchestra. He has performed at The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame for Barney Kessel and has performed music in Weil Hall in New York City. Craig also served in Afghanistan as a Blackhawk (UH-60 A/L) Crew Chief. During his service he reach the rank of E-5 and earned numerous commendation for outstanding performance including 1000 accident free flight hours. His family has a long rich history of home-brewing that goes back to the 1980s. Craig enjoys endless hours at the brew kettle, reading technical papers, and watching yeast make beer!

John Fusco
John Fusco

VP Creative & Brand Marketing

John got into graphic design, marketing and social media by accident. A Marine Engineer by trade, with a degree from the US Merchant Marine Academy, and a Masters from Temple University in Engineering Management, he’s a navy civilian in his day job, and spent 20 years as a Strategic Sealift Officer in the Navy Reserve. In 2004, after some après ski, he started a T-shirt company in Wilmington with some friends that eventually became WhizBang Concepts. He has drawn logos and artwork, and produced apparel, for a number of local businesses, charities and breweries, which is how he met Craig. John and his wife Lisa have chaired the Philadelphia Walk for Williams Syndrome thrice. He plays drums and guitar in a band called Double Down that rarely plays outside a basement in Glen Mills. He’s a New Yorker by birth, but has now lived in Delaware as long as he has in NY. He has three young girls, and will try any beer twice. Most more.

Dan Yopp
Dan "Beerman" Yopp

Brand Ambassador

Dan “Beerman” Yopp is the Master of the Custodial Arts at Wilmington Brew Works. As a Delaware native who has spent his entire life in the state, he graduated from Wilmington University with a B.A. in Business Management. Dan became interested in homebrewing from a neighbor and quickly realized he enjoyed it very much. As an avid gardener who enjoyed growing everything from sweet garlic to habanero peppers, he found the “Do it Yourself” method in homebrewing very rewarding. He joined the First State Brewers to enhance his skills, and along the way he met the esteemed gentlemen which would go on to being his business partners. Favorite beers styles are Stout, Porter, & Barleywine, especially if they are barrel aged.

Derek Berkeley
Derek "DJ Sudz" Berkeley

Brand Ambassador

Derek Berkeley, Beer Hunter, and Janitor In Training. Derek hails from Canada which helps explain his love for beer and hockey. Nomadic by nature, his travels have taken him from the snowy tundras of Montreal to the badlands of Boston, deserts of Charlotte, wilderness of Virginia and most recently the ‘burbs of Delaware. Having realized at an early age that earning a college degree would allow him to buy more beer, he embarked on his “Decade of Learning” at the University of Lowell where he almost became the first undergrad in history to get tenure. When not honing his Beer Hunting techniques, Derek enjoys racing tricycles, and refereeing Women’s Roller Derby.

Keith Huges



Ryan Rice
Ryan Rice


Ryan, a Wilmington native, learned to make cider while working as an instructor at the North American Bushcraft School in Hedgesville, WV. When not cleaning taplines in the brewery, Ryan can be found skating and coaching for Diamond State Roller Derby under the alias, John E. Applespeed. His current favorite WBW brew is Ü and he has been begging Craig to make a lactose free sour. Instagram: @ciderryan

Cider Institute Cider Maker

Lisa Fusco
Lisa Fusco

Alamo Room Coordinator

Lisa is a Mechanical Engineer by degree, but these days is more interested in the design aspect of spaces and how best to intersect modern and vintage styles. She helps to make the taproom look beautiful, especially during the holidays. Mom extraordinaire to her and John’s three daughters. She also tells John whenever his artwork doesn’t look good, which is a crucial role!



Ashley is a singer, actress, & Cicerone Certified Beer Server who recently moved back to her hometown of Wilmington, DE after spending many years living in NYC. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance: Music Theatre from New York University and is a proud member of the Actors’ Equity Association.  Some of her favorite regional theatre credits include the Media Theatre, Flat Rock Playhouse, Depot Theatre, and Sharon Playhouse. Ashley performs locally with 2Step Acoustic as a singer and keyboardist.  When she’s not working or enjoying delicious craft beer at WBW, she’s probably hanging out with her husband Zach, their two cats Michael & Lita, and goldendoodle puppy named Isla.



A military brat, David moved around a lot as a child before his family settled in Milford, DE. After graduating from High School, David headed up north to attend the University of Delaware. David and his wife moved to Wilmington, where they still reside. Having spent a portion of his formative years living in Germany, David holds a soft spot for German beer styles and lagers of all shapes and sizes. Despite falling head first into the IPA craze of the early 2000’s, this is the well he always goes back to. To this day David visits Germany whenever he is able. Holding degrees in both Fine Arts and Accounting, David spends his days as the Production Manager/Accounts Payable manager for a textile printing company in West Chester, PA. When not working David can be found drawing (including WBW’s Undelivered Mail and Distracted Thought’s can labels), playing disc golf, making music, or traveling the world with his wife Jess.


Production Team




Bryce is a native of Wilmington, Delaware. He attended the University of Delaware, earning a Bachelor of Science in Applied Nutrition while competing on the Division 1 Swimming and Diving team. Having accomplished a great deal within the NCAA and USA Swimming as an athlete, he has redirected his career to become a coach, hoping to make a positive impact on his swimmers’ lives. Bryce is also an amateur homebrewer and is constantly brainstorming up some sort of crazy idea for mixing two very different styles of beer. When he is not at WBW, he is either hanging out with his dog Ollie, playing disc golf, or playing the guitar.



Shift Leads


Team Member Since: June, 2023

Favorite WBW Product: Luau Punch

I Daylight as a: School Constable

My Cool Hobby: Avid Weightlifter


Team Member Since: March, 2020

Favorite WBW Beer: Lupulin Enlightenment

I Daylight as a: IT Implementation Coordinator

My Cool Hobby: I collect Bottle Caps

My Pets: Boxer Jackson.

My Favorite WBW Moment: When we reopened for Phase 1 after Covid, because that was the first time I worked with customers


Certified Cider Professional

Digital Team

Ben Kaminski

Website Development

Ben was born in Pennsylvania and spent most of his childhood there. It wasn’t until 2000 that Ben landed in Delaware and, unbeknownst to him at the time, he would decide to stay in the first state permanently. Ben has been in the web development field for over 25 years and has worked on projects of all sizes. Ben’s love for craft beer came the first time he tried a New England IPA. He couldn’t believe that a beer could taste so good and be so fulfilling. Having tried only corporate beer previously, the taste of the NEIPA was so dramatically different and better; he discovered a whole new world of beer that would lead him on a road of discovery that continues to this day. Ben enjoys playing guitar, writing music, playing golf, and taking road trips to breweries. Visit his website for more information on his services.

Jeff Kempista

App Development

Jeff is a man of mystery who made our menu display app. His app is awesome and makes it so you can see what’s on tap and we can change it on the fly.

Laura McDonald


Laura, aka Paparazzi, loves taking photos. You may see her around the brewery laying on the floor or climbing on a table to get the perfect photo of beer. Never before a “beer person” before discovering the brewery, she is now a full-on sour beer lover. Visit her website www.lauramcdonaldphoto.com for both family and commercial photography work.

Front of House Bartenders


Team Member Since: July, 2021

Favorite WBW Beer: (Ü)

I Daylight as a: Referral Specialist

My Cool Hobby: Disney Nerd

My Favorite WBW Moment: Cornhole Nights with my Family!


Team Member Since: March, 2023

Favorite WBW Product: Umlaut

I Daylight as a: Technical Support Engineer

My Cool Hobby: I love to DJ.

Favorite WBW Momemnt: Final training shift on St. Patrick’s Day!


Team Member Since: April, 2023

Favorite WBW Product: ….I’ll let you know soon!

I Daylight as a: UD Student

My Pets: A Goldendoodle named Ollie.

Favorite WBW Moment: Working my first shift with my older Brother.


Team Member Since: April, 2023

Favorite WBW Product: Polychromatic Dream

I Daylight as a: Graphic Designer

My Cool Hobby: Contradicting Myself

My Family & Pets: Zero the Min Pin, Snoop Dogg the Chihuahua, & Chunk the Chonkey Cat.


Team Member Since: July, 2023

Favorite WBW Product: Delabear

I Daylight as a: Project Manager

My Cool Hobby: I grow Coral

My Family & Pets: My Fiancé, and our dogs Mummer & Sinatra

Favorite WBW Moment: Listening to Graham’s Beer adventures!


Team Member Since: July, 2023

Favorite WBW Product: Helio Loop

I Daylight as a: H.S. Social Studies Teacher

My Cool Hobby: Mario Kart Champ!

My Family & Pets: My Fiancé & our dogs Luna, Sonny & Stella

Favorite WBW Moment: Working a pharmaceutical Vet party in the Alamo Room and learning way too much about Animal Blood.

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