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We offer 2 liter Growlers and 32 oz. Crowler Cans for off-premise consumption. We can fill these with most beers on tap for you to enjoy at home or with friends.

Beers on Nitro or on the Hand Pump can’t be put into Growlers or Crowlers.

As always, with both growlers and crowlers, please keep cold and drink fresh. Once a growler or crowler is opened, it should be consumed quickly. Since WBW beer and Cider is in there, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Crowlers are aluminum cans filled from our taps, and sealed fresh when you order. They will last up to 30 days if unopened and refrigerated. Crowlers are recyclable. Our refrigerator has a number of crowlers that are pre-filled throughout the week, but if there is a beer or cider on tap that you would like in a crowler – just ask! Sometimes you may catch a beer that has left the taps, but is still available in a Crowler, so check the fridge!
*Update April 2024! We changed Crowler Suppliers and Cider is now good to go in Crowlers!*


Our 2 Liter Growlers can be purchased empty for $10 and filled with your choice of beer or cider. The Growler is yours to keep and is reusable. If you would like to bring your own growler, that is fine! We will fill 32 oz, 64 oz and 2 liter growlers that are Clean. Even so, we will still sanitize prior to filling. We do not stock caps for screw-top growlers, as we do not sell screw-top growlers. We will not fill a growler if we detect the presence of mold, or lack of a rubber seal in the cap.

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