Posted on: June 16, 2021
We love being Family Friendly!
Since we opened nearly three years ago, making a space that is welcoming to those of all ages has been a goal – most of us have families too, and why build a space we can’t enjoy with those closest to us?
During the pandemic, our taproom has been fairly childless – mostly due to the circumstances. As we all start to venture out again – some reminders!
  1.  Kids and Families are welcome! We have snacks and juiceboxes and sodas and slushies for kids.
  2. INDOORS: Unlike before when our taproom was open seating, we have table seating these days. Like any other restaurant, we ask that kids remain seated with their parents/guardians. After all, we are a bar. We’re opening the Chalk Wall again, but children must be supervised while there. (We have a bench there for that reason!)
  3. OUTDOORS: There is a little more room to roam if seated outside, but we ask that you stay with your children at all times. (Kids…supervise your parents too!) Running up and down the sidewalk is dangerous as our servers are carrying drinks. The Rock walls are dry-stacked, not stable, and are 100% off limits to climbing! The landscaping rocks are not for throwing, kicking, raking, digging, etc. Also – the Garbage Cans, as hard as it is to believe, are not steel drums.
  4. Not everyone has kids. Remember that time when you were in your 20’s or 30’s and you looked at those schlubs running after their kids. That’s us now. Be considerate and make sure your kids have something to do. We just made some coloring sheets and have crayons. Bring some games and books. Maybe something without 1000 pieces though.
We’re committed to making sure EVERYONE’S taproom experience is awesome, whether you have kids in tow, or you don’t. Safety of our staff and partons, including your children is off the utmost importance! Thanks! 😎
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