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Rail Car One Available for Sale

RAIL CAR ONE AVAILABLE NOW ORDER LIMIT TWO 4-PACKS PER PERSON Pickup Starts Dec. 7th at 4pm. Orders can be picked up during any open hours until close on Sunday Dec. 13th. (Orders not picked up by Sunday will be refunded and put back into circulation) RAIL CAR ONE 4-PACK RAIL CAR ONE T-SHIRT RAIL […]

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Wilmington Brew Works to release “Rail Car One”

BIDEN’S HOMETOWN BREWERY TO CELEBRATE PRESIDENT-ELECT Wilmington Brew Works to release “Rail Car One” to commemorate the First President from Delaware. November 16, 2020 Wilmington, Delaware – In Delaware President-Elect Joe Biden is a fixture. Most locals have a story of meeting him somewhere, from ice cream shops to town festivals. But for many, the […]

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